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Indoor team engagement event for VR Coatings PVT. LTD

VR Coatings manufactures paint equipments required for manufacturing companies. There are multiple departments within the organizations like purchase, production, design, accounts and marketing. These departments though perfect in their own work needed to improve their cross departmental interaction.

An indoor team engagement program was conducted for their employees. It was lead by our lead facilitator Mr. Dilip Dani. The cross functional teams were formed to work more effectively on the competency improvement. After a wonderful session of Ice breaker activities, the team members were quite comfortable and relaxed with their colleagues. The core team building activities conducted were ‘Dominos’ and ‘Save the world’.  Both the games needed intense interaction with team members that were from different departments within the organization. The games focused interaction, coordination and planning within teams members. The facilitator related the activities and their outcomes back to work scenarios. That got participants talking about how situations at work can be improved to get better results.

The motivational speaker created his magic by narrating his story about how he conquered Mount Everest facing all the odds that came his way. He stressed on the point that everyone has his or her ‘Everest’ that they can reach in their life with sheer team work and positive thinking.

The programs ended on a very high note where participants learned a lot from the engagement program and went home motivated.


HR Muscle Connects Employees of Amura Marketing Technology

HRMuscle recently did a monsoon team engagement event for Amura Marketing technology. We completely customized this event as per inputs from their chairman, directors and HR. The goal was to improve team interaction and communication between cross functional teams. The team contained young and dynamic engineers. The activities were designed to challenge their highly logical brain.

It was a full day event held at a very picturesque resort, combining indoor and outdoor team engagement activities. After the ice breaker activities teams warmed up to indoor activities like Jenga and Dominos promoting team interaction, strategic planning and creativity. The response to these activities was phenomenal.

The teams were then challenged for an outdoor Vollyball tournament. The afternoon was for outdoor activities like “Sathi Haath Badhana” and “Crossover”. The teams not only had to make sure that they complete their own task but also help other teams succeed so the entire company can succeed. Facilitation was done with the help of photo stream and video recap.

An eventful day ended with a musical evening with an artist helping team members unleash their singing talent!