Relationship Management

Relationship Management

A strategy employed by an organization in which a continuous level of engagement is maintained between the organization and its audience. Relationship management can be between a business and its customers (customer relationship management) and between a business and other businesses (business relationship management).

Relationship management aims to create a partnership between an organization and its customers or employees rather than considering the relationship merely transactional. Customers who feel that a business responds to their needs are more likely to continue using the products and services that a business offers. Additionally, maintaining a level of communication with customers allows the business to identify potential sources of costly problems before they come to a head.

How do we help you strengthen your relationship with customers and other business?

We believe that along with best product and customer service you can emotionally connect with your customers on the significant occasions of their life. There are different levels of touch points that you would like to create with your customers or businesses depending on the level of engagement with your business. We meet with you and identify significant and relevant such occasions. You leave the rest to us and we will notify you when customer receives that ‘you care’ message. Our automated processes select those customers and depending on their gratitude level. One, more or all of the highly personalized experiences are delivered to your customers.

  • A customized text message
  • A customized automated voice call
  • A customized email
  • A personalized card delivery
  • A flower bouquet containing best of the selection
  • Personalized Gift certificates
  • A customized gift basket containing selection as per demographic, nature of business, level of engagement and many other factors that prove the fact that you know the person well and care for them.

We use this model to grow our Relationship Management portfolio.



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