Office Celebrations

Office Celebrations

Why office celebrations are important?

Companies celebrate Foundation day, Annual day, Diwali and many other Indian festivals. Various festivals throughout the year offer a unique way of celebrating our culture to its fullest. Festivals bring the spirit of togetherness, bonds teams, employees and even their families like never before.

Companies always want to use these occasions to bring their teams closer, create the sense of team spirit and create that happy moment to de-stress their team members. Companies need to innovatively plan for such occasions, creating that festive environment in the office with occasion appropriate decorations and also make sure that every team member feels like they are part of the celebration in spite of barriers like ethnic, social and hierarchical diversities.

How HR Muscle can help you with office celebrations?

It could be a daunting task for Human resource personal to handle all the tasks right from planning for such an occasion to executing it along with their day to day work responsibilities. It could be especially difficult in companies where size of human resource department is smaller.

We would like you to trust us with celebrating such occasions with much fervor, style and enthusiasm. We always keep in mind the bigger picture of team engagement. We at HR Muscle believe that such occasions offer excellent team engagement opportunities for companies. We motivate teams and bring them closer to each other. At times when employee retention and their productivity loss due to lack of motivation is a huge issue, we can help you alleviate this problem with the help of such occasions.

We can sit down with your Human resource manger and plan your calendar for the entire year to pick and plan the festivals that are close to your heart. Once finalize leave the rest to us and you will be surprised with our innovative ideas and flawless execution at every single occasion.

  • We beautifully decorate your workplace as per the theme and completely transform it to be ready for celebrations.
  • We conduct team building activities focusing on specific competency for each occasion making sure we improve the team interactions in those specific areas.
  • We bring in industry experts, motivational speakers, artists, and musicians to conduct workshops, musical shows to enlighten your team with their talent. It also helps create a spark.
  • Wonderful DIY (do it yourself) workshops to help your team learn more about the traditions of festivals like making Modaks(for Ganesh Festival), Laddus, Paper Lanterns and Clay Lamps(for Diwali), Kites(for Vasant Panchami), Rangoli designs, making cookies and decorating Christmas trees(for Chirstmas) etc. We bring in artists that are experts in their fields to teach you new techniques.
  • Last but not the least we make sure that your team is fed well with occasion appropriate food brought to you from corners of India that delights their taste buds.