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Outdoor Team Engagement

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We take you away from your office where you can catch a breath of fresh air and enjoy nature! We arrange for everything right from taking you to a nearby resort, fort, beach, river or a recreational resort. Employees get to show their adventurous side while bonding with other team members.

Once you help us finalize the date and destination, leave the rest to us and be assured for an outstanding outdoor event. We can take care of everything right from travel to stay. We have tie ups with resorts in and around the area depending upon the outdoor activities companies prefer, team size, season of the year, travel time and number of days companies would like to spend outdoors.

We offer very unique innovative and creative challenges to team members where they have to show excellent team work, coordination, communication, strategic decision making in order to complete the adventure.

Outdoor Activity focus & benefits:

  • Energizing and motivating
  • Strengthening group dynamics
  • Group bonding
  • Communication and cooperation
  • Leadership skill
  • Environmental awareness.
  • Alignment of every individuals in the team towards common goal.

Some of the unique outdoors adventures offered are:

Sand castle adventure

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We all loved making sand castles when we were little. Our imagination knew no bounds while we spent long hours building our castle.

We try to bring out that child within you, brimming with creativity and ideas to make a castle. Our facilitators tie this exercise to building a perfect organization and provoke insightful discussion amongst team members.

Beach adventure

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Beach activities are lot of fun. Participants are placed in teams they and compete against each other on a round robin basis. This exciting beach team building event includes Volleyball, Soccer, Frisbie, Golf, Limbo Dancing, Tug-Of-War and Cricket. Teams score according to a win, lose or draw and the team with the highest score WINS!

Cook Off challenge

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Cooking in the evening in a group is lot of fun. Pots and pans, fire, ingredients and all that is required to cook a good meal are provided. Cook off is a great way to unwind after a daylong session. Facilitators explain the rules for the cook off. Judges judge the final product for quality, presentation and consistency. Cooking is much like creating a product within a company.

Biking Adventure

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Come and do biking with us and experience an adventure with some off road quests. With all safety in place our guides will take you to heritage sites, forts, rustic villages,

farms and mountains to enjoy nature. The ride would be nice and slow at 10 km/h making our way up to the mountain. Combined with a sundowner, (while the sun is setting) experience the whole world at your feet.


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This is a simple activity that requires team members to take care of each other in the jungle. The activity can be design to suit different objectives by adding a variety of interesting tasks along the trail such us searching for clues and recording observations. To make it more exciting an ‘emergency’ scenario can be created.

Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunt is a fun and exciting team activity where teams have to first work together to break the clues given to them and then search for some items, which may seem reasonable to certain people and unreasonable to others. The items may be in the form of things, animals or information. The idea is to see how the members coordinate themselves to achieve the ‘mission’ and their willingness to go the extra mile.

Rafting challenge

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Teams are given virtual money upon arrival. This is used to buy materials from the ‘rafting shop’. Every item can be bartered for by each team and the team offering the highest bid gets the item. Teams will need to do some speedy planning and decision making to pinpoint items of necessity. This makes for a seriously festive atmosphere.

After the teams have completed the construction of their rafts, a race is held to test the creations and determine a winner. Our facilitators are on hand throughout to supervise and assist. A full safety briefing will be held and safety regulations will be strictly adhered to.

The Army Drill

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In this team building activity, teams have to help each other to overcome the obstacles along the route. The obstacle ranges from two feet bar, cargo nets, 5 to 12 feet walls, barb wires, Tarzan swing to balancing beams. The numbers of obstacle elements are not fixed as it depends on the venue and the target group. This is a very good activity to demonstrate the physical aspect of team work. We can incorporate any activities of your choice like wall-climbing, rappelling, Flying fox, river crossing and Cob-web.

Our other team games that we offer are

  • Races, Relays, Tag: Spider races, cartwheel races, newspaper races, animal relays, car relays – an awesome and interesting collection of the best races, relays and tag games available.
  • Cooperative Games: Ambush, backlash, Blanket toss – are games full of activities and initiatives, which will help to teach cooperation amongst group.
  • Active Games: Kubb, Balloon battle, backlash, cricket – One way of running the excitement out of the participants. Sometimes it takes a fun, full energy games to help their learning.
  • Circle Games: Donkey Dodge ball, ‘Elephant, Giraffe, Palm Tree” – If there is one thing all leaders and guides love, it’s a circle. These games have been put together to make a circle fun as well as great places to carry out debriefing.
  • Moderate Games: Pipe Dream – Games which are somewhere in between – Just great for any occasion.
  • Passive Games: Games like Buzz, Chicken picks are a great selection of games which can be used at night time or for trying to slow the mood down.

We let our imagination run wild when it comes to planning and executing new activities that brings teams closer. We can also create an outdoor event incorporating Film Making, Paint Ball, Golf, Geo Caching, Valley Ball and Cricket tournament etc.