Why HR Muscle

Why HR Muscle

At HRMuscle, our team is extremely passionate about what we do. We listen to your needs, understand your business and your requirements. We take pride in delivering the best solution that is tailor made to suit your requirements. Be it Relationship management or Team building, we make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with us. We assure you that your employees and customers would have a unique experience with us and value you as a caring business provider.

We offer:

Innovtive Indoor/outdoor activities

Our programs are designed to bring the fun back into your work. Whether you are looking for a pure team-building experience, a reward for your staff or a refreshing break from your conference agenda, we offer right tools to get your team moving and motivated.

Our people make the difference

Our highly trained and qualified experts are on staff and deliver our programs all year around. They are passionate about excellence in customer service and know how to help you to get the most out of your experience with us.

We make it easy

We work closely with your event organizer and hotel to take care of every detail, so that you can enjoy the program with complete peace of mind in the knowledge that the day will be a success.

Natural environment

For our programs we use beautiful, iconic locations which are chosen for their breathtaking scenery and recreational attractions. We make sure your group gets the best of the region by creating programs that interact with the natural environment.

Recreation or team building

All our programs offer elements of recreation as well as team building. We set the starting point for most of our programs at a range that is invigorating and enjoyable for even those who normally dislike outdoor activities. At the same time, our programs can be easily adjusted to suit groups of highly energetic people.


Safety is absolutely paramount for all our activities.

The following measures are taken for all team building/outdoor activities:

  • Risk assessment and measures to minimize the risk
  • Use of only qualified and experienced staff
  • Use of only certified and recognized tools
  • First aid qualified staff
  • Safety briefing prior to all activities