Our Methodology

Our Methodology

A Chinese proverb states:

Tell me, I’ll forget

Show me, I’ll remember

Involve me, I’ll understand

We follow this simple philosophy at HRMuscle to convey the right message to your team !


Our programs offer you a unique experience whether you are engaging with us for the first time or multiple times.

  • Completely tailored programs are for each company taking into consideration company domain expertise, employee demographics, job functions and most importantly HR inputs.
  • Cross functional team creation to strengthen communication and interaction.
  • Program incorporates excellent facilitation, lot of music and videos to ensure excitement and engagement.
  • Facilitation with instant video and picture recapping for teams and individuals to introspect on their actions, relate it with day to day work scenarios and stimulate healthy discussion.
  • At venues that are well suited for a company and nature of activities. All associated venues have excellent food and beverage facilities.
  • Our agenda is to de-stress your team and get them to interact and feel motivated from day to day work life.
  • Every activity also stresses on individual contribution and has learning associated with it.
  • Flexible to incorporate company agendas like a company meeting or an award ceremony or any other special occasion.
  • Teams and team members are assessed for competencies a needed to be evaluated by a company


Game facilitation is the most important part of entire day.

Our facilitators are expert in outdoor team activities and have excellent command over English, Hindi and Marathi language.

It is our prime objective to derive your management objectives from team engagement activities.

We create an interactive session where team mates share their experiences about the activities conducted and their relation with day to day work dynamics.

We make sure that the team understands all the rules and get necessary help when required.

Games conducted by the facilitator are fun and convey the right message to the entire team.


Photographs can capture a wonderful memory of your teammates being together.

We are really good at capturing moods of every single employee.

We take pictures throughout the day and with entire team and their playing team.

We present you the edited CD within few days of the program.

Our team of photographers is an indoor and outdoor photography expert.


Video is taken throughout the day.

We make sure to present you fantastically edited 20-30 minute coverage of the entire program.

The short film would help you send that message that you care for your employees to your own team and to your customers as well.

An individual copy could be given to each employee as a memory.


Music is used as a means of communicating an idea or sending a message.

We incorporate lot of music in our programs to convey the right message or to motivate your teams.

Our live music shows are very popular and gets the teams into right mood.

Nothing bonds teams better than singing or dancing to the tune.

Inspirational Videos

Sometimes people may forget what they hear, but rather remember what they see.

We make sure that we use visual stimuli to get the point across to teams.

We use lot of inspirational Videos on Teamwork demonstrating and understanding the importance of working in a team, Time Management and leadership.

You would love our competency appropriate collection of videos.